Aquarium of Kastoria

«Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew»

Aquarium of Kastoria

The only aquarium with fish and organisms from the fresh waters of Greece.

The aquarium of Kastoria is an innovative aquarium that houses fish and other freshwater organisms of Greece, indigenous, endemic and foreign.

It is the largest aquarium in the Balkans, and in recent years has become an important attraction for city visitors, school trips and travelers.

The aquarium was inaugurated by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and for this reason it bears his name.

Most of the fish you will see in the aquarium are those that have been living for years in the internal waters of Greece, but there are also a large number of foreign species that live in the lakes and rivers of our country.

Aquarium of Kastoria

General information

Aquarium of Kastoria

Kastoria Aquarium


Consisting of 49 tanks with a capacity of 1 to 1.6 cubic meters, there is a beautiful simulation of Kastoria Lake and a simulation of the Aliakmonas River.

Kastoria Aquarium


Large quantities of carp, pike, flounder, perch, and walleye are found, which are endemic fish of Lake Kastoria. Fish are divided into three main categories:

Kastoria Aquarium


Those who have inhabited the place of their ancestors from the beginning. Local, native.

Kastoria Aquarium


Species introduced intentionally or accidentally into an area outside of their current or former natural distribution are characterized. The introduction may involve the whole organism or seeds, or eggs and a part of it that can survive and eventually give rise to a new individual.

Kastoria Aquarium


These are the species that live exclusively in a limited (or isolated) geographical area. To be endemic a species must have originated or evolved in that area

Kastoria Aquarium


An invasive alien species is defined as a non-indigenous (alien) species that has been introduced or spread in an area, beyond its natural range, and has the ability to multiply by itself in the nature, occupying vital space in natural ecosystems and displacing native species and bio-communities.

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"MAKEDNOS" S.A. Municipal Corporation of the Municipality of Kastoria manages the KASTORIA AQUARIUM.